Kuliouou Ridge Trail

The last weekend of September we spent Saturday at the North Shore, we went surfing and then had the most amazing ice cream.  It was called coco-mac nut (coconut and macadamia nut).  So good.  They also have a vanilla and bacon flavor!

We also went on a beautiful hike to Kuliouou Ridge, on the south side of the island.  We went mid-day, and the sun lighting up the mountains made for some pretty great photos.
Here they are:

Taking pretty pics for you!
View from the trail.

Strong-man Dan.

Most people stop at the photo above, but it’s possible to go all the way around on the ridge.  We went a bit further, just for a challenge.  
It was worth it going further, because we were rewarded with these stunning views!

Can you see Dan? 
After our hike, we cooled off with a swim at this beach.

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