Waimanalo Stream Tunnel

Dan’s boss told him about a tunnel she went through nearly 25 years ago, which had water rushing at her feet, took 15-20 minutes to go through, and at one point, she had to crawl through on hands and knees.  We decided this sounded awesome, and we set out to find this tunnel.  I don’t know how we found it, we only knew where to begin the trail, and it branched out in so many different directions.  We ended up, at a fork in the trail, taking one that was overgrown.  We’re amazed we found it.
When we saw the gate, we thought it might be locked…turns out it wasn’t locked!
Turning on the headlamp…looking silly while doing so.
The tunnel went on for so long.
The tunnel got smaller here!
We decided to head back, because being deep in a tunnel that just gets smaller is pretty freaky.
Again from the outside.
It looks like it could be a hobbit house.

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