USA, Nevada/California Border: Stateline Fire Lookout at Sunset

Dan and I loved this hike so much that we went back the next evening for a sunset dinner. We were able to test out some a new backpacking stove and had some chili we made at home from scratch.

The lake this evening was different. Instead of bright blue, it was much darker with the sun lower in the sky, and with more reflective colors of the sky, sun, and clouds. The wind less prominent, just barely blowing on the surface, giving the surface a very smooth texture. We watched the sky change colors, and I didn’t capture but as were leaving there was hot pink streaks against a still vivid blue lake and mountains. I’m always obsessed with the blueness of it all at Tahoe.

Just getting outside and grilling or having a meal, even when you don’t have time to go camping or backpacking (especially when you can take delicious hearty meals, which you can’t always bring backpacking), those are some of my best memories. More than one sense is being heightened: vision, smell, and taste. My favorite time eating out in Hawaii wasn’t going to a restaurant, but grilling by the beach at sunset out in the open.

Today the weather turned gloomy and cold again. Quite happy we could take advantage of the sunset before today’s storm. I guess to say taking advantage of the impermanence of life, as the weather might not be that warm again until after we move away in April.

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