Mt. Judah

This loop trail is about 4.5 miles and covers ground at what is Sugarbowl Ski Resort in the winter.  I thought about posting this after well, first, remembering that I’d never posted it!  I can’t believe I didn’t, I loved this hike.  I also thought about posting it after hearing that Sugarbowl is closing early this weekend due to lack of snow, I’m sadly reading about resorts closing every week (don’t get me wrong, I love warm hiking weather, but I was hoping for a good winter of snowboarding before moving to the tropics).  Anyway, enough sadness, I thought I’d share how interesting Sugarbowl is in the summer.  From snowy peaks it turns into more of a moonscape, to me most reminiscent of a neighbor hike to Castle Peak.  These hikes mentioned usually can’t be hiked until July, but maybe this they can be hiked earlier this year.

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